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taishan of fear that is both our sword and our shield and long after the current messengers of hate have faded from the world's memory alongside the brutal death spots and deranged madman and ruthless demagogues who litter history the flag of the united states will still wave from small town cemeteries to national monuments to distant outposts abroad and that flag will still stand for freedom. thank you very much everybody god bless you thank you thank you so tonight. we address on national security we've heard the president outline what he had to say about the current state of the u.s. is defense strategy what the plans are for the future and we're going to discuss
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now stood out in that quite lengthy address with. me here in the studio news editor a little bit later on she's in washington and she's been watching as well just one point we must mention it was a lengthy speech on all aspects of national security when he got to the moment about guantanamo and he was heckled and it was an uncomfortable moment with him very well but clearly something which also got a round of applause when he talked about closing guantanamo so a lot of emotions at that moment sure and i think you know was the good no was the jangling nerve around which most of the tension of that speech kind of coalesced the heckler seems to have been challenging obama about the death of a sixteen year old boy who was an american citizen and a drone strike and i think. she was taking out was that no journalist had asked obama that question directly and that it was an opportunity for her to do that so you know she was obviously very very passionate about it but the and also talking
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about guantanamo same thing at that moment yes yes yes yes yes it was it was a good. it was the section of the obama set piece that was quite quite a wide ranging speech. very detailed let's talk about what he did say about guantanamo because at the moment where he did get a. political reason to keep. open and. receive a spontaneous round of applause absolutely there seems to be a great grands well of public opinion there and i think there's a realisation in general i think this is this is probably something. i think of the entire speech which went for over an hour was that obama is is in my opinion obama is trying to pull back on some of the some of the elements of the so-called war on terror and the challenge the very premise of the war on terrorism as well and so that this war cannot continue in perpetuity. but he i think in my opinion obama was definitely trying to pull back on some of the key ideas that had come through in the bush administration and that we associate with america's war on terror eat the
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human rights black spot that has gone tandem obey and the policy of drone strikes and particularly some of the accountability and legal issues you talk about those during strikes but interesting enough he didn't actually say he's going to close down guantanamo bay no one on congress was in the know and a lot of people are hoping that he he isn't going to say i'm going to close it down but sure he didn't know he didn't he might approach he can't get around. forever well obama had previously outlined three categories of detainee or prisoner in guantanamo he said they were the guys who have been cleared for release if i'm not mistaken it's eighty six prisoners of the hundred sixty are better that are in guantanamo have been cleared for release some of them up to ten years ago but have not yet been released by the count there are those who against whom the united states wants to take military proceedings or try them and obama said he's going to try and move that move to move the trial bills which which we would hear the cases against these people to the american mainland try and get them back somewhere
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within the american u.s. legal system but then in between bill there are the guys who obama doesn't have a case against or who the united states don't have a case against but don't want to release. and that's that's a tough one and i got a sense that he was he was going to he's going to propose that they be moved to supermax prisons in the united states mainland but again he's calling to congress there's no executive order been cited obama is looking to congress to help him to authorize. some change. it's quite clear that i think the obama the the guantanamo bay has reached a threshold that is no longer sustainable by the obama administration i think the brand america obama's international image is has been tarnished by his inability to act decisively and. in his address he didn't actually say that talked about drones earlier started off by talking about over a decade now of the war on terror conducted by the u.s.
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and he outlined those sort of threats now that the u.s. is the world is facing. once again. he he outlined that the nature of america's war on terrorism changing and he sort of remark is just a lot of things went off the nature of the nature of the war on terror is changing america is no longer fighting a giant panda lobel network that he said that america is now facing off or facing. affiliates what he called affiliates of al qaeda these were local groups of extremist more localized threats was that was the terms that he used and he cited the incidents in benghazi as one of the supposedly u.s. consul there was was attacked and the attack on the b.p. oil facility in algeria which meant many see as being a consequence of the nato decision to intervene in the libyan war and force
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a well armed band of militias across north africa and then he talked about radicalized individuals and who yes yes absolutely and i think he absolutely had to win in the wake of boston and of course in what's taken place and in london yesterday i think he's put in that sample i don't think he came up with any serious initiative to counter the radicalization the radicalization that we're seeing take place and where people are citing u.s. foreign policy. as a some form of justification for these absolutely heinous actions thanks very much . to god who is in our washington studio out of what one of the major impressions you got from that very lengthy address. well it was a very very lengthy address and actually some of the breaking news that we have has to do with one ton of it looks like after all these years of indifference and
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injustice guantanamo detainees finally got president obama's attention it's just really sad that it took so much physical suffering to be heard now what kind of action can they expect from the president remember they've heard president obama talk about closing the prison five years ago nothing happened moreover he signed a law that made indefinite detention legal he shut down the office at the same apartment that was working on the transfers and just two months ago a pentagon official was in congress asking for nearly two hundred million dollars to renovate the prison so the prospect of closing the prison seemed very distant just a few months ago and now what's happening now the president says he's appointing new people at the state department and the pentagon that will work on transfers he did he did not to really he did not specify. when the transfers will be happening but. or how this will be done but he did say that the administration is lifting the ban on transfers to yemen now the yemenis are the
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largest single group of prisoners at guantanamo fifty six out of eighty six detainees who have been cleared for release are from yemen and also he said he is asking congress to lift restrictions on bringing the detainees to to the united states to be tried by military commissions here in the states so it's important to note lifting the ban on the transfers to yemen he said that the administration is doing it right now all this time the administration had the power to release many of these men even under current restrictions through special waivers national security waivers but it hasn't used them and the fear was that even those who had. nothing wrong done to our wrongfully captured after all they've been through at guantanamo and the humiliation that they've seen the u.s. may have created enemies there but of course for a country that preaches the rule of law punishing people not for what they've done
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but based on someone's assumption of what they may do in the future is very much unacceptable but it's pretty much clear to everyone that these detainees there are not going to walk out of that prison awfully grateful to the u.s. for all those years wasted behind bars without ever getting the chance to defend themselves in court sure absolutely do you do you think. the obama was very strong on generalities he was very strong on the kind of the very smooth branding of a subtle change in position i think you see seems to me that. he realizes that america's american foreign policy has reached a pretty critical juncture however the question remains there are no timelines around any of the of the pledges that we've made and yet one hundred seven or perhaps even the many as one hundred forty people are starving themselves for over one hundred days in guantanamo bay what kind of what kind of risk is obama running
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here if if some of those start to die. while he is his trying to show that he is taking action and by what he said that this is going to lead somewhere it really looks like that that our hunger strike did have an effect because because again a few months ago there was no indication that the president that this will be dealt with again the office that was dealing with the transfers at the state department that was shut down and. that the pentagon was asking for two hundred million dollars to renovate the president i mean the prospect of the law saying the president looked very very distant but again it is very sad that he took so much physical physical suffering on the part of the detainees to make themselves heard rather thanks very much indeed for that going to just come live in washington of
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course in our studios in moscow well we've just been talking about guantanamo and we're going to be talking to an attorney representing seventeen detainees at the moment in guantanamo and see what his reaction is or what's been said during that address by president obama so let's hear how the speech was received david remes as i say representing seventeen going to the most so on top of the very much featured there in that address. obviously received quite a reaction from those who were listening when he talked about guantanamo receiving a round of applause would you say that a lot of this attention is now the result of your client's hunger strike their actions. i fear to say that it is i also have to say that the speech was a deep disappointment we had been led to expect at least in the media that president obama would do something constructive all he offered however were the same empty promises that he's offered before he continues to defend indefinite
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detention he is going to appoint an envoy who has no power to do anything beyond what obama allows him to do he keeps plame in congress for the problem when he has the authority to transfer men and appointing a special envoy actually he didn't he simply designated a point person within the pentagon to address these issues my fear is that people will conclude from listening to this speech that there is forward motion the problem has been solved guantanamo is closed and everybody can go on to other things that's exactly what happened in two thousand and nine and i'm very sorry that there was no forward movement here in spite of the fact he said once we commit to a process of closing gitmo and this is a quote i'm confident this legacy problem can be resolved so you're not convinced that we're seeing an intimate. and imminent closure of that prison camp.
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not while president obama takes this stance the news will say well he lifted the ban on the transfer of yemenis. that's a nice gesture i have to say it's a gesture though because as long as he blames congress for not letting him transfer anyone it doesn't really matter and he was the one who imposed the obstacle in the first place. i just i just think that this is an unfortunate speech because it will give the illusion of progress where there is no progress at all but even when he says we'll insist that judicial review will be available for every detainees isn't that a bit of a victory for you the laws to be complaining so much they haven't been able to get any sort of judicial. system operating here. black truly the detainees that i represent and all of the other detainees have had the opportunity for judicial review through havey as corpus actions. i think that he
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may have been referring to the high value detainees that he's putting on trial for direct attacks against the united states he wanted to try them in federal court there was an uproar so he moved them to military commissions so what's new about saying that he wants to use the courts to try them he's already made that effort and it failed i just don't see what's new because one argument against releasing inmates is that they may join up with terrorist cells once they've been released you know your clients all they really harmless. it's a fake argument i was in yemen just a month ago i met three of my clients have been released two of them work at a honey shop in downtown. they've married since they came back they're building families they're trying to put their lives back together a third client resumed his job as an engineer at a state energy monopoly in yemen i think that that's the typical story and i don't
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think that the overwhelming majority of detainees should continue to be held because of the fear of the few who might go a wry you can't take a zero risk approach to this even the bush people said so. well thank you very much indeed david remes attorney representing seventeen one time to move in thank you very much indeed for your time let's get more reaction now on the speech with author and activist david swanson. so. you'll first impressions david all of that address concerning national security but what do you make of it. a lot of rhetoric not much substance rhetoric that pleas still barmah fans but not even some of the things that have been reported would be in it were in it in terms of substance nothing on taking the drones away from the cia he suggested that he would review yemeni cases in guantanamo one by one but not when they're our how publicly
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or what would the results be he suggested that old timidly he would like the authorization for the use of military force repealed but in the meantime he would like it refined whatever that might mean he said the war in afghanistan would end some day he didn't say a day or a month or a year he provided absolutely no evidence to support government claims around the killing of lockie or of the other three americans including his teenage son which my friend medea benjamin interrupted him to ask him about and he did not answer her very very little of substance very little of change or hope you don't think that there's an element to transparency using to be opening up a bit more on the his tactics on war on terror. how so i mean he claims that he is going to further limit his murder by drone program including applying these
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arbitrary criteria met in secret by himself to his own satisfaction to non americans at least in certain countries countries other than afghanistan and yet he's not provided publicly any documentation of the claims he's made thus far i mean if if he would rather have captured anwar locky why did he not indict him with with any criminal charges or provide any evidence to anyone that he was guilty of any criminal acts this is this is not transparency and if these reforms and limitations are needed on this program then what of the conduct of this program here to four and six not as criminal and abusive as it appears but it in effect to is me saying that the drones are necessary evil is much better to tackle this security threat that way rather than getting boots on the ground in countries what security threat what security threat was
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a sixteen year old boy what security threat are the thousands of victims of these drone strikes including children and women and seniors and people whose names are not known these other americans some of them including one reported by the new york times yesterday were clearly and they've admitted this much targeted in so-called signature strikes these are strikes to kill people without knowing their name based on behavior that suggests they might be resisting an occupation of their country what about strikes at rescuers well documented strikes at the rescuers the victims of previous strikes what imminent threat to the united states are those strikes preventing or are they not rather becoming the the new primary recruiting. rule of anti-american terrorism and yet there he was addressing much of the those arguments are putting forward by saying they'll in the future be near certainty that no civilians will be killed because obviously every drone strike will be.
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examined and scrutinized before it's given the go ahead to wealth with it's not that log since john brennan was telling us that not a single civilian had been killed it's because of outside reporting journalism by brave journalists who didn't pay attention to the rhetoric in today's speech about protection of journalists this by a man who if he were maintaining equal standards would now be prosecuting himself for espionage for having given this speech that we even know that so many civilians have been killed this is not a president who came out and told us i mean every new technology every new reform we're told they're going to get it right this time but this government was not set up to trust those in power it was very wisely set up over two centuries ago to prevent any individual having these kinds of powers and do we had one woman in that
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room of jet and everyone else obediently going along and even trying to shut her up that is that is the cultural influence of this kind of administration and its predecessors david thank you very much indeed david swanson live here on a tape thank you and they feel thoughts and q well we've got more news for you coming up shortly after a brief break stay with us. speak
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your language will not advance. your music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. a little turn to angles to the stories you see. here. the spanish find out more visit i. was continues here on the identity of a soldier hacked to death in london by two machete wielding assailants has been released the twenty five year old victim from manchester was called lee rigby and he was the father of a two year old boy we had served in afghanistan and was victim in an attack
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thoughts have been carried out in revenge for british military campaigns and was in countries it's been also revealed that two of the suspects well on the radars of british security services long before the assassination to morris to be made in the last few hours it brings us more details. well one of the attackers has so far been identified on internet forums and in the twitter sphere as a michael adds a boy larger he's thought to be a british citizen of nigerian descent now just to clarify his identity hasn't been formally released yet but he and the other suspects are both thought to have converted to a radical form of islam and so far they're not thought to have any links to any large terrorist cells such as al qaida or any terrorist organizations in nigeria these two individuals may have been on the radar of the intelligence services now scotland yard has confirmed that the man killed yesterday was
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a twenty year old british soldier david cameron recently spoke outside downing street saying that the british public must pull together in the face of terrorism and this will only make the public stronger david cameron couldn't say much about the ongoing police investigation but there have been reports that two houses allegedly belonging to relatives of one of these suspects of michael odds of a larger have been raided one in london and one in in can share the police investigation definitely underway and a lot of work still going on and details yet to be released the fallout of the do not murder in london has seen hundreds of angry for right protest the skirmishing with police near the crime scene they charge a muslim slogans and accuse the government of a lower terror attack motivated by radical islam or the sort of has more me implications for british society. from not brutal attacks still reverberating around the local community here in south east london as police investigation to try
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to establish exactly what happened continues the man killed a serving soldier the attack taking place in broad daylight outside the army barracks and you can see the growing fences of the barracks where you've had people from the local community giving flowers to the police to lay down throughout the day now he had gained an exclusive interview with the soldier he gave us his poignant response to that attack and how that could be affecting servant serving soldiers at the moment it makes it feel a lot closer to home it makes you feel like you'll think twice now about going out in public you know uniform you think this is going to be happening to soldiers abroad you don't think you'll be targeted at home that's not going to have to be thought about in terms of security for the armed forces. we've had the statements from the prime minister today and earlier on the london mayor boris johnson was here at the scene in
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a statement on the line saying that this had nothing to do with islam nothing to do with british foreign policy and saying that the attack is would be brought to justice for both the suspects had remained at the scene here until police arrived and they were shot and taken to london hospitals and placed under arrest now earlier we spoke to a member of the mist and public affairs committee he told us that the government's response might not necessarily be the right one and that the important thing is going to be to acknowledge exactly what the problem was to prevent anything like this from happening again take a listen to that happen again. in this town a different town speak to you again about. this is not going away there's too many people that are suffering too many people that are angry about the suffering that they can take a peaceful. way to bring change or there's a heavy police presence there with concerns that this attack could stake ethnic
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tensions now last night we've been filming in the center of town where members of the extremist english defense league had turned up and there were clashes with the police and now we've heard from community leaders the missing community have openly condemned this act saying that it has nothing to do with this r.t. have been following this story quite closely looking at the concerns eva radicalisation in the case recently we were filming with members of the she reappeared troll a group. calling for the implementation of she realised and amongst some of the statements that we had from them at that time there were very strong concerns from members the british community that these were openly radicalized individuals who were being able to operate openly in britain and so there's going to be a huge emphasis now on ensuring that my. small is done within the mizzen community fight deal with these potentially radicalized elements and ensure there's something
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like this isn't able to happen for the time being the police have called for calm in the area as anything that's facing continue. to be better than used to wolf in just a half an hour from the mean time a financial guru mexico is it pulls no punches on the both sides of the world's finances that's because reports of the short break. paranoia and zero tolerance policies strike yet again the latest in a string of children being punished for making gun noises or playing with toy guns involved the son of a u.s. marine who had the audacity as a child to use his imagination and p. pretended his pencil was our gun bang children imitate what they see in every t.v.
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channel and in many video games kids are going to see a lot of guns in fact the boy at that moment was admirably pretending to be just like his father a u.s. marine you know guns kind of come with that job description rather than complain you all again about the obvious idiocy of zero tolerance policies against children playing let me give one suggestion to actually help fix the problem there are so many teachers and school administrators across america that i bet many of you know one of them try talking them about the madness of zero tolerance a lot of people do things just because they were told to or they never thought about it before so please dear friends try to get teachers you know to actually think about it i can complain on t.v. all day long but one conversation from a friend or relative really could change many people's minds maybe but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser mirror mirror on the wall who is the bluest stock market of them all it's the narcissist's rally having corner the market in their own reflection the narcissist sees prices rising rising rising as a narcissist himself by. his own supply safety max yes indeed you know markets are hitting all time highs everywhere but in the united states c m b c says big reason for stock boom companies buying back stock.


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